Friday, December 16, 2011

Anonymous donors pay off Kmart layaway accounts - Yahoo! Finance

Anonymous donors pay off Kmart layaway accounts - Yahoo! Finance

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Gifts for Mom

This time of year buying a special Christmas gift for Mom will show her how much you care about her. Like most moms, she works hard to take care of those she loves and could use some pampering.

Nothing says comfort like a warm, plush robe she can snuggle up in on the cool winter days. The Bamboo Terry Cloth Robe - Ecovaganza - Spa Robe in Natural White is constructed of absorbent material that’s perfect for any skin type, but is also great for anyone with allergies. The fluffy Super Plush Microfiber Bathrobe is a longhaired microfleece that’s comfortable, yet lightweight.

If your mom prefers shorter robes, then Izod has a plush line of soft robes that she’ll love to lounge in. Satin robes like Alexander Del Rossa Women's Long Classic Satin Lounge Robe come in a variety of color and will make Mom feel elegant and pampered.

If you decide to buy a robe as a Christmas gift for mom, don’t forget about ordering some footwear to go along with it. No one knows what it’s like to get up in the winter chill and have your feet step on a cold floor like a mom does.

But with footwear that she can slip right into, she’ll be warm and comfortable from head to toe. The Isotoner Women's Microterry Clog is soft and comfortable and look great, too.

Shoes that are also a treat for the feet and have red and green Christmas colors are the Red Ballet Flat Bedroom Slippers by Fluff’m. But if you’re looking for something whimsical in bedroom shoes that’s sure to make her laugh, grab a pair of Ladybug Fuzzy Animal Slippers. With the bright red nose and silly smile, these shoes are a delight to wear.

Because your mom is always on the go and is always taking care of those she loves, she deserves to spend her down time dressed in loungewear that aid in relaxation and promise a night of comfort.

Sets like Bamboo Yoga Pants & Lounge Pants for Women have a high level of comfort as does any of the Women’s Cotton Lace camisole and capri loungewear/PJ/pajama set. Sets like Woolrich’s Women’s weekend loungewear are made for 100% comfort and will be a much-appreciated Christmas gift for Mom.

These sets are made to be attractive enough to wear outside the house in case she has to go grab a gallon of milk. She’ll look company ready when she’s wearing any of the lounge sets listed here.

2011 has been a virtual learning year.  I belong to this great group called Virtual Online Learning, and have learned a lot from this one group among others.  2012 I will be bringing my ebay store to a new level, thanks to Danna who has been a great help.  I still have a lot to learn like more twittering and using facebook to promote and socialize with my customers. Danna really know a lot and she makes it fun.  Also thanks to all the members of this group for your help and information.  I may not have participated that much during the year but 2012  I will participate more.Also this coming up year I plan to blog more about many topics of interest.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Unique Gifts for Boys

You can find a lot of replica toys on the market and if you’re like most families, your boy probably has the latest gadgets already filling his room. If that’s the case, then you can find something different to get for him this year from this list of unique gifts for boys.

For starters, boys of all ages enjoy the great outdoors, soaking up sun and freedom. Why not give him the unique gift of an archery set? The Junior Archery Set comes with a fiberglass bow and wooden arrows that are 18 inches in length. The target comes with the set. You place a couple of tightly bound small hay bales in the back yard, attach the target and let him have plenty of adventures.

Next on the unique gifts list is something that not a lot of boys have but all boys want! The Spring Swings Deluxe Fun Ride offers countless hours of outdoor fun as boys glide above the ground on this trolley cable. Because it can hold a weight of over 200 pounds, adults can get in on the fun and spend some quality time with their boys. Expect lots of fun all year round with this unique gift.

Hunting treasure is as much fun as uncovering the secrets buried beneath the ground. Getting your son a metal detector will give him hours of fun as he searches for valuables. The Elenco Metal Detector with Beep Alert will help him on his journey. The Wild Planet Kid Quest Metal Detector also has a beep alert to help him find those lost coins!

For the great outdoors, boys enjoy camping out and spending the night in their own tent. For indoor or outdoor use, the Pacific Play Tents Super Duper 4 Kids Tent has a floor that’s waterproof and is built for fun.

To go along with the tent, the Pretend and Play Camp Set adds a touch of authenticity with the nine pieces it contains. The lantern and stove thrills kids with the imagination they can spark.

Along with the great outdoors idea, kids love to grow things - and while some parents find it rather icky, kids are fascinated by anything in nature that moves, especially if those things are live amphibians.

Now with the Star Wars Science - Dagobah Frog Habitat, they can watch the tadpole grow into a frog. If your boy prefers insects to frogs, he’ll love the Fascinations Green Earth Praying Mantis Kit as he watches live insects hatch from the praying mantis eggs.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Kindle Keyboard, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display A Great Gift For The Holidays

The invention of the e-reading device opened up a vast library of books and other media that people could have delivered to them electronically. E-readers are popular because people no longer have to choose between taking a book or two along with them when they sit on the long commute to work or when they’re traveling out of town.

Instead, they simply take along their e-reader and their entire library of reading choices goes with them. While there are different e-readers with a variety of prominent features available, one model rises to the forefront this holiday season - the Amazon Kindle With Keyboard and as always, if it has the Kindle name, it delivers above and beyond expectation.

One Of The latest members of the Kindle family has a nice graphite finish and it boasts that same lightweight hold, making it easy to use and easy to handle – no hand strain here. The E-ink display gives users images that are crystal clear and sharp.

Because it has the no glare screen, you’ll get the look of real book pages and you won’t have to strain your eyes. Since the weight of this gadget is only 8.5 ounces, it weighs less than books and boasts an impressive thinness.

One of the major selling points for the Kindle is how many books it can store and Amazon Kindle 3 can hold an amazing 3,500 books. Charge it up and get eight glorious weeks of reading time on the charge.

Because it has built-in WiFi, you’ll have easy access to hotspots when you’re traveling-enabling you to download whatever you’d like to read. Since the Kindle is also integrated with Twitter and Facebook, you can share what you’d like using the popular social media with those you love.

When you get the Amazon Kindle With Keyboard, you don’t have to do any mind numbing set up or add any only-techno-geeks-can-understand it installation processes. It’s all set up and ready to use the moment you get it.

It comes with a PDF Reader so that you can read your documents wherever you go. This is why it’s a great gift for the businessman who already has everything. He can use it for personal or business use.

And another great feature? The Kindle has Text-to-Speech feature, which means as long as the material is in English, you can have the content read to you. For those who happen to be auditory learners, this is an excellent idea as a gift.

The Amazon Kindle With Keyboard gives you your books in about a minute so you can get your reading material even if you’re not hooked up to your home computer. You get to select from over a million choices and some are even free!

Because of the Whispersync feature, you can also read your Kindle purchases on your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and more. It’s one of the most used gifts you’ll ever buy for someone or for yourself.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Build A Bear Workshop Stuffed Animal Dog With Set Of Clothes

This item is available in my ebay store at It is a build a bear Dog with a set of clothes and a pair of shoes. It is a nice gift for a child who loves stuffed animals.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Having an ebay store is a great way to showcase your items on ebay. There are a few different levels, the general store which is around 15.95 a month and  the other level which is 49.95 a month.  Both let you list unlimited items but the basic store which is the 15.95 one's listing fee is .20 and the 49.95 is .05 for listing fee.  My eBay store  Bay Area Gifts And More, has items that are great for gifts.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome To My Bay Area Gifts Blog

This personal blog will do two things, one is help you the reader find gifts for those hard to find people and it will be a personal journey into the life of a online entrepreneur talking about ways she tries to make money online with ebay, blogging and other personal topics.  So please check back often and add comments.