Saturday, December 10, 2011

Unique Gifts for Boys

You can find a lot of replica toys on the market and if you’re like most families, your boy probably has the latest gadgets already filling his room. If that’s the case, then you can find something different to get for him this year from this list of unique gifts for boys.

For starters, boys of all ages enjoy the great outdoors, soaking up sun and freedom. Why not give him the unique gift of an archery set? The Junior Archery Set comes with a fiberglass bow and wooden arrows that are 18 inches in length. The target comes with the set. You place a couple of tightly bound small hay bales in the back yard, attach the target and let him have plenty of adventures.

Next on the unique gifts list is something that not a lot of boys have but all boys want! The Spring Swings Deluxe Fun Ride offers countless hours of outdoor fun as boys glide above the ground on this trolley cable. Because it can hold a weight of over 200 pounds, adults can get in on the fun and spend some quality time with their boys. Expect lots of fun all year round with this unique gift.

Hunting treasure is as much fun as uncovering the secrets buried beneath the ground. Getting your son a metal detector will give him hours of fun as he searches for valuables. The Elenco Metal Detector with Beep Alert will help him on his journey. The Wild Planet Kid Quest Metal Detector also has a beep alert to help him find those lost coins!

For the great outdoors, boys enjoy camping out and spending the night in their own tent. For indoor or outdoor use, the Pacific Play Tents Super Duper 4 Kids Tent has a floor that’s waterproof and is built for fun.

To go along with the tent, the Pretend and Play Camp Set adds a touch of authenticity with the nine pieces it contains. The lantern and stove thrills kids with the imagination they can spark.

Along with the great outdoors idea, kids love to grow things - and while some parents find it rather icky, kids are fascinated by anything in nature that moves, especially if those things are live amphibians.

Now with the Star Wars Science - Dagobah Frog Habitat, they can watch the tadpole grow into a frog. If your boy prefers insects to frogs, he’ll love the Fascinations Green Earth Praying Mantis Kit as he watches live insects hatch from the praying mantis eggs.

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